Bepure 3G Hot and Normal 7L UV+UF Water Purifier with hot water function| Zero Water Wastage BARC UF Technology with 6 Stage Water Purification| UV UF Water Purifier for home| Works Up to 250 ppm TDS| Ideal for Municipal and City Water Supply

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Price: ₹17,999.00 - ₹10,790.00
(as of May 18,2022 16:27:29 UTC – Details)

Bepure 3G Hot and Normal Water Purifier has 6 Stage ultra purification process. 1. Pre Filter: It takes care of sediments and turbidity from entering the next stages of purifier thus increasing the life of water purifier filters 2. Sediment Filter :It is effective in removing smaller particles including dirt, rust and sand particles. 3. Activated Carbon Filter :It takes out 99% of the chlorine and organic chemicals. It provides reduction of odor, and color and refines the taste of water. 4. Ultra-Filtration Membrane: The hollow fibre UF membrane removes the colloidal particles as well as bacteria and virus from the water 5. Post Carbon Taste Enhancer: The Post carbon taste enhance removes any residual chlorine, smell or taste and the silver impregnated carbon enhance the quality of water. 6. Ultra-Violet Disinfection: The in tank UV lamp sterilize the residual bacteria and virus if any thus disinfecting the water for optimum consumption.
6 Stage Ultra-Purification process with Zero Water Waste technology providing not just pure but healthy water. Regular Water Storage tank = 6 litres, Hot Water Storage tank= 1 litre. Best uv water purifier with hot water function
4 Led function to monitor the operations and maintenance of the water purifier. 1 year Warranty on all electrical components, hot water system, SMPS, etc. Installation cost of the water purifier is Rs. 500/- Extra
After warranty period, Average annual maintenance cost of the water purifier refill is 2000/- which includes changing Pre-Filter , Sediment filter, Carbon filter and Post Carbon Taste Enhancer. Other brands annual filters cost goes more than Rs. 5000/- thus saving more than 50% on maintenance
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Ideal for Municipal and City water supply. There is no need for RO in such water supply. Ideal purification is water purifiers with uv uf only

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